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Culture Coordinator

We are seeking a creative and energetic individual to help nurture a vibrant, caring, flexible culture for our fully-remote startup. A strong culture is vital in helping us fulfill our mission of enhancing the lives of our customers, co-workers and communities.

Since culture is so important to us, this vital role for our growing company will report to the CEO.

To sum up the role in one word, it is a role about connection : connection of coworkers with each other and connection with our shared mission.

The Culture Coordinator role will develop and implement ideas to help create an engaging remote work environment where people are able to have fun and find fulfillment in what they do.

This person needs to be able to thrive in a remote role while also being able to offer support to help others flourish in their remote positions as well.  This person needs to have experience using various tools to help foster communication and engagement with others in a remote environment, such as Slack (or Slack alternatives) and other tools/platforms.

This role will also play a major part in helping us plan our in-person meetings/events, including at least one yearly in-person company-wide event.

Being an eager learner that seeks helpful feedback while being able to excel in an autonomous role by generating, and executing, on ideas is essential.

Important responsibilities of the Culture Coordinator will evolve, but may include:

  • Being a catalyst to help create a thriving, interesting and helpful community within Slack.

  • Assisting in the creation of various internal communications.

  • Developing ideas for our Neighborhoods, which are groups of 7-10 teammates that meet at least once a month to have fun and build relationships.

  • Assisting with event planning and execution.

  • Implementing ideas and tools that can help increase engagement and facilitate communication between everyone in the company.

  • Facilitating the growth of our small groups that are focused on various interests as a way for people to create more meaningful connections.

  • Being a storyteller by sharing stories of the lives positively impacted by our charitable Foundation.

  • Help celebrate certain milestones for people such as Birthdays and Anniversaries.

  • Identify ways to create some “Wow!” moments for people at Neighbors and help make them understand how much they are appreciated.

  • Assisting in creating an interesting, engaging and exciting new hire orientation.

Neighbors Bank is innovating the way lending is done in order to fulfill our vision of making homebuying more affordable, achievable and accessible. While your role will not work directly with our clients, the impact you will have on helping to create an exciting, engaging and fulfilling culture will have a meaningful impact on our ability to help our clients realize their dream of homeownership.

The annual salary range for this role is $55,000 to $80,000. Neighbors Bank provides a variety of benefits to employees, including health and dental coverage, an employee wellness program, 401(k) matching, and paid holidays.

The people and the culture are Neighbors Bank’s greatest strengths, which is why finding incredible people that are a good culture-fit is so important. One of our newest teammates recently said, “Never in my life have I felt like a remote welcome party was possible. Neighbors Bank sure does it right. From building relationships with my team on day one to sending the swag box with things to decorate my home office.”  Individuals that 1) can be passionate about their job and have fun doing it, 2) will deliver results with integrity, and 3) enjoy finding ways to enhance the lives of others every day will contribute to bolstering this strength.  

Do these qualities sound like you?

  • Thrive in remote work environment

  • Passionate inside and outside of work

  • A love for people

  • A talent for making others smile

  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)

  • A quick learner (a college degree is not required)

  • Flexible, and highly adaptable to change

  • Unmatched work ethic driven by results

  • High attention to detail

  • Excel in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment

  • Thrive in a highly cooperative work setting

Are you ready to join an innovative, agile company with a start-up feel, striving to make homeownership more achievable?

We are currently hiring in the following states: AZ, AR, FL, ID, IA, KS, KY, MS, MO, OK, SC, TX, VT, VA

Veterans United Home Loans and its affiliates are proud to be Equal Opportunity Employers committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. We consider all qualified applicants without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected classifications.