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A Guide to our Application Process

VU Recruitment Crew

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Are you curious what happens after you apply for a career at Veterans United? Look no further! This post will outline an overview of our process with some tips along the way. For a helpful graphic outlining our application process, click here.

As you read through the steps below, keep in mind that each position might have a slightly different process based on the needs of that team. Either way, at each step in the process, we will reach out and keep you informed. If at any point in the process we decide to move forward with other candidates, we will let you know, typically via email. 

Step One: You submit an application for the position you are interested in and think you would be a good fit for. 

Step Two: We send you a few emails regarding different next steps in the process. We recommend that you read through all of these emails thoroughly, as they outline instructions for moving forward. 

Step Three: You complete our pre-employment assessments to the best of your ability. These assessments help us gather more information about you and how you align with our position and company. Take these assessments seriously, but don’t fret about them! They’re not the only thing we consider when reviewing applications and are just a piece of our decision-making process. 

Step Four: Our recruiters will review your application. 

Step Five: Based on your application, if it seems that you might be a good fit for our position and company, the next step is the interview stage! Through the interview stage, we will request references from you as well. In the interview, we want to get to know you better and want you to have a chance to get to know us and our position and company. Depending on the position, you could have multiple interviews. We understand interviews can be stressful, but we don’t want them to be! We’ve put together some tips for interviewing and encourage you to check them out here. 

Step Six: Once you’ve totally rocked your interview/s, the only thing left is an offer!  

Step Seven: Assuming you accept the offer, then all that’s left is your background check, onboarding paperwork, and your first day! Our team will be there to walk you through all these steps. 

Through the process, we send a lot of things through email, so make sure to keep an eye on that inbox after you apply! If you ever feel left hanging and don’t know where you stand, you can reach out to your recruiter anytime. 

We hope this helps your understanding of our process and look forward to reviewing your application soon!